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AMA’s evolution – A Timeline

AMA has gone to amazing transformation from a small organization situated at the end of a strip mall on Bank Street to the multi-million dollar facilities on Hunt Club as a result of tireless efforts of the community and the critical support provided by all levels of government and other partners.

Masjid Ar-Rahmah Project

A historial Presentation from early 2000 3D Visualization   Project Objective The current situation of the project originated from the pressing need of the Muslims for a Mosque and a school. The volunteers of AMA Canada have prepared in collaboration with the management and various specialized offices, a complete and detailed plan to establish the project. The plan detailed development phases … Read More

Risk Management

The Assunnah Muslims Association (AMA) is committed to providing an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to participate in activities and events in an atmosphere which promotes equal opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices. In order to promote a safe and equitable environment, the AMA Board endorses the following policies: Volunteer … Read More